The expertise of the Academy of Facialists

It was with conviction that Marine L decided to turn to the Académie des Facilites for its expertise and reputation.
A school in Paris that combines theory and practice.

The Académie des Facialistes is the 1st French and international school to train professional facialists.

The school was born from the meeting of Catherine Bourgeois and Delphine Langlois.

What is a “facialist”?

A facialist will provide treatments to work on the tissues and muscles of the face. As a result, it works more deeply on tissues and muscles.

It is generally 100% manual

Whether it’s sagging, a dull, pale complexion, lack of hydration, loss of tone…

Why work the facial muscles?

If you want to be effective, you have to work as deeply as possible “without using techniques that are abrasive to the skin”.
With recurrent sessions, many pretty things can be improved, such as: the oval of the face, features linked to sun exposure, aging of the face such as puffiness, dark circles, wrinkles, luminosity of the face and sagging of tissues.

Numerous techniques are used to work the face in depth.

We have :

  • Japanese “kobido” facial massage to lift and energize our face, working the skin, muscles, fascia and lymph.
  • Stretching, which smoothes the features with or without instruments to reshape and sculpt the face.
  • Guasha, derived from traditional Chinese medicine, drains, detoxifies, detoxifies, tones, lifts and works deep-down on wrinkles.
  • Cupping the face: how to circulate the facial meridians and restore circulation to all tissues and muscles

A technique for every need

Trained in many sophisticated manual techniques, such as the facial lymph drainage (skin detox to bring out the complexion’s radiance), the Japanese facial massage(inspired by Kobido to lift and energize the face), streching to smooth the features and the use of ancestral massage instruments such as the Guasha and crystals, stone roll-ons, ridokis and suction cups to help sculpt and reshape the face or stimulate the energy meridians running through it.