Body massage allows you to let go completely, both physically and mentally.


Facial massage smoothes features and relieves tension, doing good both physically and mentally.

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Care products that firm and nourish our skin

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Skin care that beautifies your skin

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Complete treatments to recharge your batteries

It’s always time to take care of yourself!

Let’s use neutral products that respect each skin type and make it more beautiful.

Let’s demand quality massages tailored to our metabolism, our needs and our injuries.

We all deserve a little comfort, well-being and serenity.

Let’s rediscover the balance we need to be healthy, both physically and psychologically.

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Come and find out more about my background and what led me down this path!

They trusted me

I can only recommend that you meet Marine!
Listening, caring, positive energy, treatments that allow the body to relax, to let go, and the mind to see things differently, to reflect and take a step back, to move forward.

Edwiwge Obaton

I recommend Marine lefevre!
Thanks to her advice and technique, I’ve regained my energy, and I’ve had no more problems sleeping or digesting.
She has the right words and gives a lot of advice. Thank you very much and see you soon.

Mickael Joseph

As an athlete, I turned to Marine for help with back pain that I couldn’t treat with traditional medicine.

She recommended a session of Chinese medicine, including cupping. It was a great moment of relaxation and above all my pain has never returned until now! I recommend it with my eyes closed!

Jimmy Wright