What is Traditional Chinese Medicine?

In China, this type of medicine has been around for thousands of years, and is therefore steeped in history and experience. It is a holistic technique recognized by the Chinese state and practiced in private clinics and hospitals. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) encompasses several disciplines: acupuncture, pharmacopoeia, tuina, dietetics and Qi Gong. In China, all these disciplines have an impact on health. In Europe, pharmacopoeia has become more like phyto-nutrition.

Tui na means “to push”, “to grasp”. You will often read ” Tuina massage ” on the Internet, but it is above all and primarily the manual part of TCM, grouping together other techniques such as An mo (meaning “massage” in Chinese), cupping, moxibustion and so on.

Your practitioner Marine Lefevre relies on the fundamental theory of Yin and Yang, the meridians and many other rules. The aim is to find the origin of this imbalance and bring the consultant into a state of harmony and well-being.

This is also what Marine Lefevre aims to achieve during your Traditional Chinese Medicine consultation in Lille.

Would you like to have a Traditional Chinese Medicine consultation in Lille, Roubaix, Tourcoing, Wasquehal or the surrounding towns? I invite you to contact me. As part of your wellness approach, don’t hesitate to discover Maderotherapy and Lymphatic Drainage.


Very similar to acupuncture.

The aim here is to balance the forces of life. Unlike needles, we target specific pressure points on the meridians with the pressure of fingers, elbows, balls…

Suction cups

Therapy using natural detoxification methods.

For aches and pains, everyday ailments and even cellulite. The aim is to relieve congestion and promote the circulation of lymphatic fluid and blood.


A technique used since the dawn of time to treat fatigue or chronic illness.

It strengthens the individual’s vital energy. Highly effective for joint, muscle and digestive problems.


Depending on your needs, we can use magnetic beads, a small microtip, a stylus… to get to the source of the imbalance.

Very effective for certain types of pain and when necessary


Derived from the ancestral practice of acupuncture, auriculotherapy concentrates acupuncture practices on the auricle alone.

In general, effectiveness is very rapid, as the ears are close to the nervous system…


Kobido or “natural facelift” is a Japanese treatment that takes a holistic approach to the individual, reconnecting “body and mind”.

It seduces with its “lifting” effect, restoring radiance and energy to the face.