By “warming up” the Meridians, moxibustion is a natural technique for restoring the body’s ability to act.
The body then takes control of its own health and regains vital energy.

Worth knowing:

More specifically, this method refers to the fire element in the 5 elements.

Moxibustion has been used in China for over 2500 years, and is commonly practiced in combination with acupuncture.

This treatment is recommended for everything from simple anemia to more complex fatigue.

This technique helps reduce fatigue, which can be caused by chronic illnesses and pain known generically as rheumatic pain (joint, muscle).
It helps to restore energy where there is a vacuum.

How moxibustion is used :

  • Alleviation of arthritic pain, especially “cold” pain.
  • Tendon injuries and pain, may have an anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Manage digestive problems, especially loose stools, chronic diarrhea and colitis.
  • To turn the fetus inside out.
  • Relieve menstrual cramps.
  • Promote male or female fertility.
  • Strengthen the immune system, prevent colds and flu.
  • Increase production of white blood cells and hemoglobin.
  • Balances the nervous and endocrine systems.
  • Reduce urinary problems.
  • Alleviate fatigue, general weakness and depression…

Gives you the energy to move forward.

Marine Lefevre offers moxibustion sessions in the Lille, Roubaix, Tourcoing and surrounding towns in the north of France, at her practice in Wasquehal.

Take the time to look after yourself, you deserve it!