The benefits of body massages

Care products that relax and nourish our skin

Body massage allows you to let go completely, both physically and mentally.

What are body massages?

There are relaxing oil massages or massages where we also stimulate the lymphatic and blood systems, such as the Renata Franca lymphatic drainage massage.

Relaxing massages

The lymphatic system acts as a waste elimination system in the body. It comprises a vast network of vessels containing lymph, a clear liquid that circulates throughout the body thanks to the contraction of muscles and blood vessels. Lymph contains excess fluid from the blood and tissues, as well as waste products that are eventually eliminated in the lymph nodes.

When lymphatic circulation is inadequate in a particular part of the body, fluid tends to accumulate there. As a result, swelling (edema) may or may not occur, with or without pain. This accumulation of fluid is implicated in certain health problems, such as lymphedema, stretch marks or heavy legs. Lymphatic drainage, by mimicking the pumping effect caused by muscle and blood vessel contraction, can therefore have a beneficial effect in these conditions.

It really cleanses the whole body and restores circulation.You need to do this regularly to avoid accumulating and storing “bad” energy.

Emotional massage:

In traditional Chinese medicine, the belly is often considered our second brain. Chinese philosophy is based on the fact that the belly is the center of our emotions. Chi Nei Tsang, a derivative of Qi Gong, is a belly massage that focuses on the internal organs.

Chi Nei Tsang: how does it work?

Studies show that the belly has an important influence on the mind. In ancient Taoist tradition, the belly is the seat of our emotions. Chi nei tsang is based on the body’s internal organs (liver, spleen, pancreas, stomach, intestine). This technique releases physical blockages naturally.

The aim of chi nei tsang is to release harmful emotional energies that can exhaust your nervous system and internal organs, which are essential to the body’s functioning and can cause disorder if not soothed.

The benefits of cupping and back massage

The effect of cupping mainly targets soft tissue in painful areas, while conventional massage reaches deeper layers and removes adhesions, which are painful, rigid bands of tissue located in muscles, tendons and ligaments.

On the one hand, we’ll relieve surface tissue pain, and on the other, deeper tensions that will help you return to normal movement.

Cupping helps reduce stress

In addition to reduced immune defenses, general health is adversely affected when a person is under stress or severe muscular tension.

In this way, the use of classic massage and cupping in a single session also reduces anxiety, stress and muscular tension.

If you need a wellness session or more in-depth work, don’t hesitate to book an appointment to work on yourself and free yourself from emotional and physical tension…