We all dream of reducing our wrinkles and fine lines without surgery? This is the acupuncture facelift, also known as aculifting. This innovative method helps combat muscular slackening over the long term, leaving your face toned and radiant.

How does it work? What are the results?

Acupuncture face lifting involves placing needles all over the face to stimulate contraction of the skin muscles. This natural method produces a lifting effect without surgery and slows facial aging.

Who is acupuncture for?

Aesthetic facial acupuncture is for all women and men who want to maintain their beauty naturally.

Choosing facial acupuncture to erase the signs of time has many advantages:

  • No injected products such as botox or hyaluronic acid;

  • No surgery;

  • No anesthesia;

  • No contraindications;

  • No side effects;
  • No allergic risk;
  • No traces on the face;
  • Painless.

Slight, temporary tingling may be felt on certain more sensitive parts of the face. What’s more, activities can be resumed immediately after the session.

The acupuncture facelift technique is a natural, gentle and non-invasive method that undoubtedly offers the opportunity to combat sagging skin, delay the effects of aging and give the face a radiant glow.


Results are visible from the very first session, and increase with each passing day. The first effect is a healthy glow: the face is instantly brighter.

Secondly, the results are increasingly visible and lasting, thanks to the combined action of the following phenomena:

  • Activation of elastin and collagen fiber production;

  • Improved blood circulation

  • Stimulation of muscular activity.

The benefits of this acupuncture-based anti-ageing method are manifold:

  • A radiant complexion
  • A firm, toned face
  • Supple, elastic skin
  • Wrinkles and fine lines are reduced

Facial acupuncture is the technique of choice for preserving the youthful appearance of the face.

Take the time to look after yourself, you deserve it!