Derived from the ancestral practice of acupuncture, auriculotherapy concentrates acupuncture practices on the auricle alone.

Although this technique is based on acupuncture, a Chinese medicine dating back to antiquity, auriculotherapy or auricular acupuncture was revealed in 1951 by Paul Nogier, a doctor from Lyon who went to study in China.

The ear, an inverted fetus reproduced in the pinna.

Here’s a hypothesis for a “complete cartography of the individual”.
A correspondence between the brain and the whole body appears during embryological development.

The goal?

Like acupuncture, auriculotherapy involves optimizing the energies circulating in the body by puncturing strategic points in the auricle with non-abrasive needles to stimulate the functional, nervous and locomotor systems.

In general, effectiveness is very rapid, as the ears are close to the nervous system.


We use a variety of massage tools such as touch probes, magnetic beads, ear tacks and Asp semi-permanent needles…

For whom?

All types of pain can be treated according to the location of the region concerned and also according to the five elements of Chinese medicine.
Auriculotherapy is recognized in particular for weight loss.

This can help relieve everyday discomforts such as Auriculotherapy can be used to treat a wide range of disorders (back pain, migraines, sleep disorders, allergies, asthma, gastric disorders, etc.) as well as neurofunctional disorders (stuttering, language or writing disorders, tics, etc.).Auriculotherapy helps free you from addictions to alcohol, tobacco and medication. It also relieves menopausal discomfort and painful periods, but is contraindicated during pregnancy. Auricular acupuncture can be a solution to soothe your children’s ailments: digestive problems or other disorders such asbedwetting or dyslexia.

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