Dien Chan

DIEN CHAN is a facial massage that stimulates the key points of the face, a form of facial reflexology.
It is possible to stimulate the face with tools that use reflection patterns reflecting the whole body onto the face.
This massage will enable self-regulation and natural processes.

The face is a highly vascularized area, and this massage will get everything flowing again. Sessions are of short duration and provide almost immediate pain relief.

DIEN CHAN has a wide range of applications, but this technique is particularly suited to :

  • Pain management
  • Help with symptomatic treatments.

The benefits of DIEN CHAN massage :

  • For muscle, joint, ligament, tendon and nerve pain
  • Nervous system disorders such as insomnia, anxiety, annoyance, stress, sinusitis, headaches, depression.
  • On energetic problems such as fatigue and emotional disorders.
  • Digestive disorders: colitis, constipation, diarrhea, water retention
  • Various problems such as hormonal disorders, respiratory problems (bronchitis, asthma, coughs, colds….), allergies, eating disorders, hypotension, hypertension, dizziness etc…


Dien Chan is practised WITHOUT NEEDLES, using specific tools designed and perfected by Professor Bui Quoc Chau, on a clothed person in a seated position.

The session generally begins with the stimulation of reflex zones using specific tools. Fixed points are then stimulated according to the treatment protocol to reinforce the work on thinking patterns.

If there are no allergies to plasters, camphor, menthol and essential oils, patches of heating patches will be applied to each point to optimize the results of the session.

During a Dien Chan session, there is constant dialogue between client and practitioner. Each time a reflex zone is stimulated, the client’s feelings are immediately requested so that the practitioner can adapt his work.

Dien Chan is not a substitute for a visit to the doctor; it is a technique that complements conventional medicine, but in no way replaces it.

Take the time to look after yourself, you deserve it!