Maderotherapy will reshape your body, relax your muscles, drain your lymph and break down the fat responsible for orange-peel skin. An effective anti-cellulite massage. Combined with drainage, this will reshape the figure.

This Colombian technique uses wooden tools of all shapes. It is non-invasive and natural. This treatment has a rapid and lasting effect on the appearance of the skin and the tone of the body, provided a minimum of maintenance is carried out.

It’s often after 5 sessions or more that we see beautiful results with a nice skin texture.

We can couple the passing of the tools with a manual massage for even more effective, in-depth lymph drainage.

It will also act on the muscles, of course, so this treatment is recommended for post-workout athletes.

We emerge from maderotherapy lighter both physically and mentally. It’s not forbidden for pregnant women, but we won’t be doing the tummy area.

The draining action will relax muscles and lighten legs to prevent water retention. Professional advice is recommended.

It is recommended to eat rather lightly to maximize the feeling of lightness.

Take the time to look after yourself, you deserve it!